Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Obama and Bill Cilnton's record

After President Obama's speech to the nation last week, Bill Clinton might feel a bit unappreciated. In the speech Mr. Obama called for a move away from the nation's current policies (favoring the rich at the expense of the average person). It's apparent from the speech he wants to move back to the good days before the Reagan presidency ruined the country. Mr. Clinton seems part of the overall Republican effort to destroy the common man.

Rush Limbaugh hypocrisy

Rush Limbaugh has again shown his interest is in the political outcome as opposed to any sort of principles. Speaking recently he encouraged conservatives to get rid of open primaries, which let Democrats choose the Republican presidential candidate (since anybody can vote in either primary).

This is the same person who spent much of last spring encouraging Republicans to register Democratic so they could throw the Democratic primary (oddly enough, by voting for Obama against the stronger Clinton if I remember correctly).

But it's been apparent for a long time that Mr. Limbaugh accepts most any means to the desired outcome.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama presidency predictions

Barack Obama is now the President. A few predictions:

First, expect Alan Keyes and perhaps others to file new lawsuits. Mr. Keyes has filed a suit claiming Mr. Obama wasn't really born in the U.S. and is not eligible to be president. Chief Justice Roberts' s stumble over the oath of office now presents the opportunity for claims that Mr. Obama didn't really take the oath of office and so isn't really president. If the lawsuit goes anywhere expect the left to claim that Justice Roberts intentionally stumbled in order to create the problem.

The Democrats are celebrating that they have control of the government, yet this may be their downfall. For at least the next two years they have nobody else to blame for any missteps. Of course, the Bush presidency can be blamed for several years, and the Supreme Court makes another target until new justices can be appointed. But eventually the excuses might run out. Though they may not, FDR was able to win reelection twice without solving the depression.