Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Church of England

For something non-political, a prediction of sorts.

N.T. Wright is a very well known theologian, academic, Anglican priest, and most recently Bishop of Durham. Wright spent 20 years as a university professor before being moved into official Anglican roles -- Dean of Lichfield Cathedral, Canon of Westminster, and most recently as a bishop. It isn't clear whether Bishop Wright initiated the move away from academia or if others have moved him into it. He continues to publish scholarly and popular works, but much slower than in the past.

My own thought is that the Anglican establishment looks on Bishop Wright as a candidate for Archbishop of Canterbury. He is a conservative / traditionalist in his theology and beliefs yet is not strongly dogmatic and open to discussion and the ideas of others. He is well respective by liberals and conservatives, including many who differ from his views.

Look for Bishop Wright as a candidate if a new Archbishop is to be appointed.

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