Monday, August 29, 2016

Government regulation of volunteer help in flooded Louisiana

I recently saw a blog post complaining that the government and official relief agencies (specifically the Red Cross) are refusing or throwing away donations to help with flooding in Louisiana. This includes requiring the full permit process to perform repairs on houses (and likely refusing to allow repairs to older houses which no longer meet code) and wanting to register the "Cajun Navy" volunteers helping rescue stranded people. It all sounds like another example of government overreach and control of our lives.

Then I find a report of an illegal immigrant driving (and crashing) a bus full of volunteers. Maybe some control of volunteers isn't such a bad idea. This report is from a right wing site which would normally be in the forefront opposing government interference in volunteer efforts (and they don't mention that in the report), but the site is also very anti-illegal immigrant, explaining why it showed up there.

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