Thursday, August 4, 2016

Political consistency and funding

I'm on a number of email lists on both sides of the political spectrum. MoveOn.Org just sent me an email (MoveOn is hiring organizers to stop Trump) to hire organizers to "stop Trump." Looking at the email, I see two things of interest:

First, MoveOn is practicing what they preach. Conservatives have gleefully reported past occasions where Democratic members of Congress don't pay their interns or pay less than the current definition of a "living wage". The magazine The Nation had a similar "scandal" about unpaid interns. According to this email, while MoveOn doesn't specify a specific salary, these 3 month temporary jobs are advertised as coming with full benefits -- medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. They also come with vacation (presumably paid) at a rate of 4 weeks a year and sick leave at a rate of 2 weeks a year. This is perfectly consistent with MoveOn's progressive politics. So kudos to MoveOn for practicing what they preach.

Second is the fact that MoveOn can pay these benefits, which easily translate into the equivalent of $8.50 per hour above and beyond the "competitive salary". They are hiring multiple people in each of 10 states, meaning they have a significant source of money. While it is possible there are a lot of people making small contributions to MoveOn, I don't notice MoveOn making much of a fundraising effort. This leads me to the conclusion that MoveOn has major, deep pockets sources of funding rather than being "grass roots" funded.

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