Friday, November 18, 2016

Political Extremes

Donald Trump's first cabinet nominations have been announced and the criticism is starting. While some might be justified, to some degree it appears to be criticism just because Donald Trump made the nomination.

Several years ago after watching conservatives attack Barack Obama's proposals, including some which were originally Republican proposals, it seemed they were criticizing everything the President was doing. My thought at the time was if Barack Obama were to propose the Republican Party platform verbatim, the Republicans would actively fight it.

Today after listening to some of the criticism it occurred to me that Donald Trump could really mess with the Democrats by proposing to nominate Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to cabinet posts. One can imagine the furor over such nominations, with one camp trying to decide Trump's secret plan, and the other camp trying to destroy the reputations of Ms. Warren and Mr. Sanders since they must secretly favor Mr. Trump's policies.

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