Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Election recounts -- every (Democratic) vote counts

Jill Stein is pushing for Presidential election recounts in three states. The publicly stated reason for the recounts is to make sure "every vote is counted," with claims of hacked voting machines.

However, the goal here is obviously not to make sure all votes are counted. To truly do that all 50 states should be recounted. The goal here is simply to overturn the election and prevent Donald Trump from becoming President.

Notice that the three recount states are just enough electoral college votes to bring Mr. Trump under 270 electoral votes (assuming the recounts switch the result in both states). Also note there are no demands for a recount in New Hampshire, which Mrs. Clinton won by 0.4%. If it's really "every vote counts," recount demands should be based on how close the result is in a state regardless of who won.

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