Friday, December 2, 2016

Applying the Trump double standard again

Donald Trump has been in the news for convincing Carrier and Ford to keep some jobs in the United States. Yet rather than celebrate this achievement, the Washington Post instead warns that we are going the way of Russia.

It's really a rather humorous article. Where was this article when President Obama took over GM and Chrysler? Where is the Post when thousands of state and local officials offer "incentives" to companies to stay put or move to their region?

We should all keep the following paragraph handy to reply to the Post as they celebrate interference with the free market by those whose politics are compatible with the Post's:

What makes capitalism strong are the forces of the market left to work their own magic. No free market is ever totally free, but the basics matter a lot: Decisions are made on the basis of things like supply and demand, knowing that information is open and rule of law secure.

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